Here you can manage your ENIAC shipment. Once your work order is priced by one of ENIAC manager, you can start creating shipment based on work order. Once you create shipment, you can start preparing items. ENIAC warehouse will update shipment status while we receive and start processing shipment.  The overall process flow shows in the following image:


There are three type of shipment, work order, buffer inventory, and repair. You need to select shipment type first to create shipment.

  • Work Order Shipment: You can only select one and only one work order to create shipment. You can split work order in to different shipment. Note: you cannot mix different work order into same shipment. Each work order shipment need to have same set of configuration amount.
  • Buffer inventory Shipment: You can send single/multiple item as buffer inventory incase there are defect item during assembling.
  • Repair Shipment:  You can send warranty repair computer back to ENIAC for repair within 6 month after we assembled. 

How to create shipment

There are two ways to create shipment. You can create shipment through Shipment Creation or click “Send Inventory” in shipment List. When you enter Shipment Creation page, data field with * mark are required. You will need to fill in all required field and then submit to create shipment records. 

In shipment creation page, you can create shipment by types (Add Work Order | Add Item(s) | Add Repair PC(s) af. After select configuration (you can select one and only one configuration), you can put quantity and select fulfillment time. If you need ENIAC warehouse to generate computer serial number for you, you can leave the “Auto Generate Serial#” enabled. You can also send your computer serial number to ENIAC warehouse. We will apply serial number while we start assembly computer. After fill all the required fields, you can submit or save as draft.

Add work order shipment

You can user work order#, Seller Part#, Newegg Item#, Item Title, and work order create time to search work order and add to shipment.

Note: one shipment can only include one work order. One work order can be split in different shipment. You can also add single item as buffer in this view. ENIAC system will auto make a buffer item shipment after you create it.

Add item(s) shipment

You can add item shipment to send buffer item inventory to ENIAC warehouse. Buffer inventory will only be used for defective item. You can search item and add multiple item as buffer inventory.

Add Repair  PC(s)

For repair PC, you will need to scan the computer serial number and put a comment for repair and click “Add” to add the computer into shipment.

Note: you need to scan computer serial number, ENIAC system doesn’t allow you to send computer that is not made by ENIAC.

Shipment List, Search and Edit

You can also search shipment using Shipment#, Work Order#, Item Title, Newegg Item#, Configuration Item#. You can also use additional filter by Status and date. 

Each shipment has the following status:

  • Preparing: after you create the shipment, ENIAC portal will set this shipment to Preparing
  • Ready To Ship: after you finished printing out the packing list
  • Shipped: after you click “Mark as shipped”
  • Partially Received: if Warehouse receive partial
  • Partially Closed: Once warehouse receive part of the 
  • Received: once ENIAC warehouse receive shipment
  • Void: If you cancel the shipment
  • Assembling: when shipment start assembling
  • Pending: If shipment still waiting for parts to arrive
  • Finished: assembly finished, ready to be picked up

Shipment edit

  • Search and find a specific shipment from the search result. Click “work on shipment” icon to enter shipment page .
  • Note:
    • Once shipment is received, ENIAC manager will start release computer to assembly line.
Updated on July 26, 2021

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