Here you can manage your ENIAC work order. You can start entering details about order fulfillment once you create a configuration for your computer builds. ENIAC managers review submitted orders and a service charge will be applied after approval. Once your order is priced you can start preparing to ship items to the ENIAC warehouse for assembly. See below for the overall process flow. 


Each work order can have only one configuration. Once you submit configuration with quantity, ENIAC manager will start reviewing work order and price each work order. Allow up to 2 business days for review and approval.

How to create order

Create order using the Work Order Creation panel or click “Create Work Order” in the Configuration List. Fill in all required fields and then submit for ENIAC manager to review. 

Search configurations usingConfiguration Title, Model#, and Configuration Item#. In each configuration you may designate the desired quantity and fulfillment time. You may designate your own serial numbers, or enable “Auto Generate Serial#” and the ENIAC warehouse will generate computer serial number for you.


The work order estimate automatically generates while you choose the quantity and fulfillment time. You will be notified with a final price after one of ENIAC  manager review this work order.

Work Order List, Search and Edit

You can also search work order using Work Order#, Seller Part#, Newegg Item#, Item Title. You can use additional filter by Status and Order Status and Submitted date 

Order Status:

  • Draft: Incomplete orders that you save
  • Submitted: Orders you submitted and are under review by ENIAC management
  • Priced: Orders that ENIAC management has reviewed and quoted pricing
  • Confirmed: Orders that you have confirmed the pricing as quoted
  • Reviewed: Orders reviewed by ENIAC management with pricing still pending
  • Canceled: Orders canceled by the account holder
    • Note: After you cancel work order, you will need to schedule truck for picking up inventory that sit in ENIAC warehouse.

Work Order Edit

  • Search and find a specific work orders. Click Edit to open Work Order Detail page.
  • Note:
    • Once work order is confirmed, you cannot edit work order. Please create and submit a new work order for review
  • You can change configuration, quantity and fulfillment time. Then click Submit to resubmit for ENIAC manager to review.
  • Work Order# cannot be edited. Please go back to Work Order List page, and click cancel icon to cancel this work order first. Then create another work order with a new Model#
    • Note:
      • Once you go through work order editing, you will have to resubmitted to ENIAC manger for confirmation.
Updated on July 30, 2021

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