Here you can register and manage your items (computer parts) in the ENIAC portal. Do this before setting the configuration of the computers we assemble. 

How to create items

There are two ways to create items. You may use Item Creation or click Create New Item in Item List. Fields with an asterisk ( * ) are required. 

  • Title: This is the product description that is displayed in the portal and shipping documents. (Max 200 characters)
  • Manufacturer: Designates the part manufacturer. Choose from an existing list, or you can create your own.
  • Seller Part#: Enter SKU# from your database. (Max 40 characters)
  • Manufacturer Part NumberEnter the manufacturer-assigned alphanumeric number for the product. (Max 20 characters)
  • UPC/ISBN: This is an optional field for you to enter Unique Product Number barcoded on products
  • Quantity Per Carton: Designate the number of items in each package or box
  • Category: Categorize the computer parts by type. We will review for accuracy after you submit your desired computer configuration.
  • NPC: NPC stands for Newegg Product Code, which is assigned to each seller part# for inventory management purposes. You can print & apply a NPC barcode label to your merchandise while preparing inventory shipment to Newegg warehouses.
  • Country of Origin: Same as MSRP; the Country of Origin determines tariff and trade restrictions for each item. Newegg collects this data for global orders.
  • Item Image: Upload product images for inventory handling purposes.

Items list, search and edit

Item List

View all the items you created.  (Allow 10 minutes to sync newly created data). Delete or edit items here. In Item List, you may select and send buffer inventory (see: Shipment section for more details). Buffer inventory is required to offset any defective items during assembly.

Item Search

Search by Item Title, NE Item#, Seller Part#, Mfr Part#, UPC / ISBN. Advanced Options enable additional filters, such as Manufacturer, Category, Status, Item Creation Date

Item Edit

  • Edit items directly from the search result.  The Action icon opens the item action drop down which direct to Edit page.
  • Change the Title, Manufacturer, Manufacturer Part#, UPC, and Image. Click Save to make the change effective.
  • NoteSeller Part# cannot be edited. Please go back to Item List result page, and click the X icon to delete this item first. Then create another item with a new Seller Part#. Please note an Item cannot be deleted if it is in our possession.
Updated on July 26, 2021

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