After creating the items that comprise your builds, manage your computer configurations here. Our technical experts run a compatibility check to approve submitted configurations. Once approved it creates a work order for ENIAC to fulfill.

How to create a configuration

Navigate to the Configuration dashboard in the left panel menu. Click the New Configuration button and fill out the required fields you may submit the configuration to an ENIAC technician to review.

Once approved you may create a work order for parts shipment to ENIAC. 

Filling out Create Computer Configuration

  • Title: This is description displays in the web portal and shipping-related documents.
  • Model#:  Designate a model number for your tracking purposes.
  • Test Procedure Instruction (TPI): Direct ENIAC on how to test computers according to your desired specifications.
    • Description: Type the desired testing procedure details here; or
    • Attachments: You may upload up to three files containing test instructions (.pdf,.doc,.docx) 

Add and remove items as desired for your build configuration.  Search by NE Item#, Seller Part#, and categories to place items into a configuration as desired. Once you finalize your configuration, submit it for ENIAC to review. We will have experts approve or reject as soon as possible.

Note: You cannot edit item in an approved configuration. Please delete the configuration and create a new one. 

Configuration List, Search and Edit

Configuration List

View all your created configurations in the Configuration List. Please allow 10 minutes for newly created configurations to sync. You can delete or edit items from this page. You may select and send inventory as buffer items for each configuration. (See the Shipments section for shipping instructions to our warehouse). Buffer inventory allows us to continue assembly in the event of defective items.

In the list view, click the Approve Status to view approval notes registered by ENIAC technicians.

Configuration Search

Search by configuration name, model number, configuration item, item seller part, item title, and Newegg item number. Filter your search by Status and Approval status. 


Status: Active status denotes configurations that are under process and review. Disabled status denotes that a configuration has been submitted and approved and ineligible for alteration.

Approval Status: Once your configuration is review by one of ENIAC technician 

Configuration Edit

  • Search and find a specific configuration. Click Edit icon to open the Configuration Detail page.
  • Navigate to the appropriate field to edit TitleDescription and the all the Items within the configuration. Then click Submit to resubmit for ENIAC user to review.
  • Model# cannot be edited. Please go back to Item List result page, and click “X” icon to disable this configuration first. Then create another configuration with a new Model#.
Updated on July 26, 2021

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