Assembly Line

Here you can see the progress of your work order. Once ENIAC release the received work order to assembly line, there will be records showing up in “Batch List”. In “Batch List”, you can see which assembly line is working on your order. You can see number of computer in assembled and number of computer ready to be picked up. Here “Batch” is defined by the work order. Once ENIAC manager release part/all of computers from received work order, ENIAC portal will create this as a “Batch”.

Each batch has “In Processing”, “Ready for pick-up”, and “Picked-up” status.

In Process: once ENIAC manager release received work order to assembly line, it will shows in progress

Ready for pick up: After ENIAC finished packing computer and put and seal pallet(s), it will show “Ready for pick up”. After it’s changed to this status, you can print out picking list and schedule truck to pick up from ENIAC warehouse

Picked up: After truck driver picked up all computer in this batch, it will shows “Picked up”.

Once I see finished computer, how to pickup from ENIAC warehouse.

Once ENIAC finished assembling released work order, the status will change to “ready for pick up”. You can click the print icon or select batch(es) to “Get Pick-up Slip”.

After you click the print icon, you will need to fill receiver’s Name (truck driver name), receiver’s phone number and carrier Name. After you fill those information, you can print out and bring the pick slip to ENIAC for picking the item.

Updated on July 30, 2021

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